Practice Bagpipe or Small Pipe Recordings for Drummers

Suitable recordings of pipe tunes for drummers are hard to come by and are often only found available played in free-time (without a strict tempo) or at tempos unsuitable for practicing to. This has been an issue that has plagued myself, my students and many other drummers for years. But now, with the help of modern-day music technology, recordings can be created for any pipe tune and at any tempo allowing you the ability to practice your solo or band scores at home along with the melody. Getting to know the pipe melody and how your particular drum score fits to it, is essential in becoming a great player and performer.

If you’d like your solo or band piece made ready for practicing, please get in touch with the details of your request using the contact page here. Prices for the recording vary based on the length and complexity of the tune. Most classic pipe tunes are in the public domain or listed as Traditional and if so, are free to use. If your tunes are modern and the composer is still living or recently deceased, then permission from the rights holder is needed. Laws vary from country to country so be sure to check first before going ahead.

You can have the final MP3 recordings delivered in multiple tempos from slow to fast. Playing through the drum score while using a metronome is the best method to determine what tempos would work best for you. The end recordings are metronomically perfect, as if you’re playing to a metronome.

The link below to an example shows three possible tempos for a 2/4 march. These are the tempos that work best for my students to play my scores to this tune. However different tunes, different drum scores and player ability will all require slightly different tempos for them to work best. The recordings can also include a metronome beat, bass drum beat and space for two introductory rolls if needed. Tunes can also be joined together into sets such as an MSR, Hornpipe and Jig, or Medley. The sound can be a traditional highland bagpipe sound as in the example recordings or a small pipe sound which is similar to a practice chanter sound with drones.

An example for you to listen to can be found here. More recordings of classic pipe tunes will become available over time so be sure to check back often or follow me via my facebook page to find out when.