Doug Stronach’s Pipe Band Snare Drum Tutor is aimed at beginners and intermediate players. Specific pipe band technique, reading, rudiments, rhythm and basic scores are all presented in easy to follow steps. The material in this book has been used to teach some of todays top pipe band drummers. An audio CD and link to online videos is included. This book is available from

Written by Hugh Cameron and Doug Stronach, the book outlines the four massed band drum scores used in Ontario and the rest of North America for massed band performance. Hugh Cameron originally wrote these scores in the 1970s while a member of the Music Board of the Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario, in order to update the playing standard for Ontario drummers. It was subsequently adopted by most, if not all North American pipe band societies in the years following. An audio CD is included with the book. This book is available from

Infinite Sticking was written by Doug Stronach and was first published in the early 1990s. It was used as a tool to develop a drummer’s ability to improvise with rudiments. This is a skill that takes most drummers many years of practice to develop. Infinite Sticking helps speed this process and has been influential in the development of some of todays top drummers, leading drummers and teachers.

***This book is available free of charge to Doug Stronach students. It can no longer be purchased.

Duple and Triple is a book designed to improve your ability to sight read and understand rhythm. Rhythms are presented in simple monotone lines that progress from simple to more advanced figures. Sticking patterns are added at various points to maximize the effectiveness of the rhythms being learned.

***This book is available free of charge to Doug Stronach students. It can no longer be purchased.