MSR – Conundrum, Maggie Cameron, DJS Murray

Grade 3 Level MSR Piping Recordings

PRACTICE PIPING RECORDINGS: The recordings below are for educational use only. Two tempos of the MSR are presented. Tempo 1 is for practice and is set at 72bpm for the march, 112bpm for the strathspey and 74bpm for the reel. There are two audible clicks that time the breaks between each tune as well as a 4 beat intro at the start before space for two intro rolls. Tempo 2 is a performance tempo. They are 76bpm for the march, 116bpm for the strathspey and 78bpm for the reel. There are still two beat breaks between the tunes however this time they are not audible. The recordings use a small pipe sound, which I think works better for practice pad playing. The recordings are computer-generated and do not fluctuate in tempo. It is similar to practicing with a metronome which is an excellent tool for developing control, especially when you work at slower tempos.

PDF Snare Scores for the tunes are available on each tune’s respective page. Click here for the list.

Performance Tempo
Practice Tempo