Free stuff from drummers to drummers.

Below is a selection of free materials you can use for your band, solo or education needs. I’ll try to update it regularly so please check back often or follow me on my facebook page for updates.

Athol and Breadalbane Gathering. Snare score and pipe melody for rehearsing. Good for Grade 5 or 4 solo drumming.

Army Manual Drum Scores. Basic scores for beginners as used by the British Army. PDF music and recordings.

North American Massed Band Drum Scores. Originally written by Hugh Cameron, this music is presented along with an audio CD for purchase here.

The Conundrum. Snare score suitable for Grade 4 or 3 solo competition.

The Table of Time. Whole notes to 1/32nds. These are essential to know and play.

Advanced Exercise Sheets. If you’re ready for the big time, you’ll need to get your mitts around some of these moves.

Getting Ready for Online Lessons. A resource to help avoid the standard errors everyone makes when starting online lessons.

Maggie Cameron. A grade 3 level strathspey score with practice piping recordings at two tempos and two different pipe sounds.

DJS Murray. A grade 3 level reel with practice piping recordings at three different tempos.

MSR – Conundrum, Maggie Cameron, DJS Murray. Practice piping recordings at two tempos.

Grade 5 PPBSO recommended solo drum scores. Links to pipe melodies for practicing are available on the page also.